How to Play Video Keno with a Progressive Jackpot

Playing keno is a game with great excitement and fun. It is a number guessing game where one can choose to play for the numbers which they feel will win. It is closely played in similar manner as the lottery but the player gets immediate results.

The game of keno is played using an electronic board to show which numbers are picked by an electronic drawing of numbers. There are typically 80 numbers to choose from. There are specific amount to be won by the player according on how many numbers they played for win.

Owing to advanced gambling technology, software providers are able to provide a video keno game with a progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot in video keno is not on a fixed amount but rather progressively grows as more players contribute to play the video keno machines.

The progressive jackpot in video keno games often begins from $50,000 and goes higher as the progressive jackpot continues to grow. In order to qualify to win the video keno's progressive jackpot, the player needs to bet on ten numbers from which all ten numbers must get picked in order to win the video keno's progressive jackpot.

The player can also win a portion of the progressive jackpot in percentage based on the set of numbers that the player wins. For instance a player bets on 9 numbers and all 9 numbers win they get a 25% share from the progressive jackpot amount. Playing for 8 numbers and winning them all will allow them to enjoy a 10% share from the video keno's total progressive jackpot.

In a regular keno game the amount of bet can vary whereas in video keno with a progressive jackpot the denomination is fixed at $0.25. The video keno machine has a bill type panel located along the keno screen where the player will choose the amount to bet to play for the progressive jackpot.

The player is then offered an option for placing a single bet or a maximum bet. With a single bet the player will play for a single coin while selecting the maximum bet will allow a player to play up to 4 coin bets in a single game.

The player then chooses 10 numbers to play for which they can have the option how many times they like to play the same set of numbers from the play one, five or ten times buttons. Pressing these buttons will initiate the game.

The winning numbers will then be randomly picked by allowing a keno ball to land on a numbered space from the video keno machine. The progressive jackpot payout is determined according to how many numbers the player bet on wins.