Origin and Game Action of Keno

Keno is a casino game that is really a lot older than what you would initially think. Though it pretty much resembles another form of lottery, keno is older by several centuries back. Though the exact origin of the game is a bit fuzzy, we can trace its genesis to China during the Han Dynasty. Chinese scrolls coming from that period have been found to mention a game similar to what we now play.

Some have observed that keno has a lot in common with either bingo or lottery. They all work with the same concept in mind where in order for one player to win, he has to match several numbers. However, all these games take on this basic premise and add to it in their own ways. Keno also presents other ways for you to win.

One obvious unique quality that keno has is that the game has 80 numbers, otherwise known as spots, on a ticket. Players may select several numbers or spots on a ticket. How many numbers you can select will depend on the type of keno ticket you're playing and the rules a casino would wish to implement. Some allow up to 20 spots to be marked on a keno ticket.

Players are paid depending on the amount of spots they hit. The more spots you are able to hit, the larger your payout. This basic way of playing keno does resemble a lottery. However, there are other ways to play keno than just marking around different spots. Players are also allowed to wager on specific patterns on a ticket.

Another way to play the game is to wager on certain groups of numbers and not on the numbers themselves. There would usually be a quota on the number of spots you ought to hit before you can qualify for a payout. You can say that this method of playing the game pretty much resembles bingo after a certain fashion.

The winning spots or numbers are selected by a computer which displays them on an electronic board. Since other casino players would just make bets in keno while playing another game, the results will also be displayed in screens located in different sections the casino. All winners are to collect their winnings at the keno booth as they turn over their winning tickets for inspection.

There has been negative feedback about this game due to its high house edge. In spite of that, keno still remains popular. Proof of this is being able to play this game on the Internet.